Master of Computer Science

 M.Sc(Computer Science)


The PG Department of Computer Science, established in 2013, encourages diversity both within its community and areas of study, and plays a leadership role in research, teaching and outreach activities to champion the understanding and integration of Computer Science within all aspects of society.


To build a strong research and teaching environment that responds swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century.


Provides a specialized programme to train future generations of students in both theoretical and practical aspects.  This will be a rigorous study programme at post graduate level covering both depth and breadth of all relevant areas, and providing substantial research training.  


  • Bits & Bytes Club conducted inter -departmental competitions on 14th July 2017 to encourage a spirit of healthy competition.
  • Bits & Bytes club was inaugurated by Dr.S.Poonkuzhali on 20th July 2018. She highlighted the importance of Business Analytics that assists data driven decision making and problem solving in all the sectors of the society.
  • Organised an industrial visit from 23rd to 26th July 2018 to “Sansbound Technology”, Kodambakkam , Chennai,  where the students  interacted with the company people and had a first-hand experience of how a corporate entity actually works.
  • Organised a Power Seminar on 7th August 2018. The Chief Guest Mr.R.Hari Ganesh stressed that any business can leverage IoT applications to automate safety tasks to perform real-world testing using networked cameras and sensors to detect how customers engage with products.
  • Organised  an inter- collegiate workshop on 30th & 31st  August 2018.The Chief Guests Mr. K.Karthik and Mr.U.Jotheeswaran  emphasized that Mobile application developers are constantly trying to develop new methods that can not only simplify the development process, but also offer unique designs and user experience to the customers.


  • To conduct various certificate courses for the students.
  • To organize career-guidance programmes.