B.Com.(Corporate Secretaryship)


A Gateway to Corporate World

The Department of Corporate Secretaryship was established in the year 2010. The watchword of the department is to prepare the students ready for the corporate sector.

The students are given the opportunity to enrich their knowledge in the areas of Company Law, Secretarial Practice, Business Management, Income Tax, Cost and Management Accounting etc.


To equip the students with quality education and practical knowledge for the corporate world.


  • To provide a high standard of education
  • To develop the professional skills of students which are of immense value.
  • To develop competitive skills to manage the inherent risks in the fields of Marketing, Banking, Insurance and Income Tax.



  • The Department of Corporate Secretaryship has organized an Inter Departmental Commerce Quiz Competition “INSIGHT 2K19” – on 09.8.2019,in which twelve different teams with three participants in each team gave a tough battle to each other.
  • The Department of B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship) of Shri Krishnaswamy College for Women, organized “Ad’eotrama- An Intra departmental video presentation competition” on  27th August 2019.
  • The Department of Corporate Secretaryship with the Association of Corporate Legacy organized an orientation programme on “Career Guidance and Exploration Programme” conducted by We Shine Academy on 31st August 2019.
  • On 12th October 2019, the Departments of Commerce jointly organized an inter-collegiate workshop on “Academic Integrity: Report Writing without Plagiarizing”, which focused on acknowledging sources, quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing while writing academic and research papers.
  • On 16th December 2019, Euphoria’19 - An Inter-Collegiate S-Video and Mime competition was conducted. The objective of this competition was to create awareness about the major social issues such as Social media propagating vices, Education Disparity, The influence of advertisements, Cyberbullying, War, Procrastination, Materialism and Layoff in IT Industry.



  • International lecture on Risk Management by Dr. MurliRajan, Associate Dean and Professor, Kania School of Scranton, USA was organised on 21st June 2018 towards curriculum enrichment.
  • The Department has procured Institution membership with IAARF (Indian Accounting Association and Research Foundation), a professional body.
  • The Department of Corporate Secretaryship organized an Inter Departmental Commerce exhibition I-EXPO 2K18 – “An innovative exhibition to gain hands on experience to the live projects” on 21.8.2018. Nearly 160 students from Commerce department actively participated in the exhibition and displayed both working and standing models.


  • “An Eyeshot on Career Opportunities In Commerce Stream” by Smt.Deepa Rao, Charted Accountant on 18th July 2017.
  • Department of Commerce and Corporate Secretaryship together organised a National level Conference on the topic of “Changing Global Economic Scenario Strategies for Business Sustainability” dated 22nd September 2017.
  • “Career Guidance and Exploration Programme” by We shine Academy on 19th February 2018.


  • Department of Commerce and Corporate Secretaryship jointly organised a National level Seminar on 24th September 2016 on the topic of “Latest Innovations in Management Science”
  • “Be Bold for Change-Step it up towards Equality” by Smt.SelviRavindran, AGM, BHEL Chennai on 17th February 2017.


  • “Banking Cognizance Programme” organized on 13th October, 2015 and the speakers of the programme were Mr.R.Kalyanasundaram, Retd. Deputy General Manager, Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank and Mr.K.Subramaniam, Financial Advisor, DMW Group of Companies.


  • The Department of B.Com (Corporate Secretaryship) of ShriKrishnaswamy College for Women, organized an Intra Departmental Commerce Exhibition “Socio Beats–The Social Awareness Exhibition” on 30th July, 2014. The exhibition provided an opportunity to showcase the creativity and hidden talents of the students.



  • TI Cycles 
  • Securities Exchange Board of  India
  • Parle Modern Bakers