Physical Education

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basics of dynamic and creative intellectual activity”.  - John F. Kennedy.

Physical Education, some people say, is as important as any other subject. But,  it is indeed more important than any other subject for it contributes to the physical, moral, cultural, emotional and intellectual development of the students.

The college has adopted this policy and gives absolute support and encouragement to sports activities. It is an honour given to the college that since 2015, the University of Madras has been conducting B-Zone Chess tournament for Women in the college campus. The college takes pride that a few girls of our college are University blues.

Besides, the college conducts Shri Krishnaswamy Memorial Intercollegiate Tournament in Volley Ball, Throw Ball and Chess since 2015. More than 15  colleges participate every year. Apart from this, the students are encouraged to participate intercollegiate tournaments of other institutions. In short, the Management provides the utmost to physical education.